My Diary 10 Ft Tio Nason, Mag44, Abel Chungu & Mickrophone 7


This my Diary 10, we have come along way man, and each passing day i learn something mew. Being happy, never goes out style. I always chose happiness. And that’s the reason i keep my circle smaller all the time.

(Tio Nason)

3 years old
Mama was gone
She told em I’m a fighter
Told em I would make the world light up
7 years old
Daddy left me in a world so cold
But Daddy was a man yeah
Daddy Left a couple cribs and that money yeah

Bachibululu nobulikila yeah
Bachibululu nogulisa ma nyumba
Bachibululu no sanikila
Bachibululu po tandiza ni yamikila

Aaaaah aaah aah
It was written in the stars
Like the beat within your heart
Just let it go

Aaaaah aaah aah
When you’re flipping through the pages
Can you read between the lines
Of…. My diary

On my social media, i started a thing called truth Tuesday
Cause i wana be a man of truth yeah
Its easy to live a lie, the truth is the truth hurts so you fake a smile on the pulpits
I hsave failed many people, many have failed me
Yeah we ain’t equal the real offence is, a man’s his word well i have broken mine
Trying to pick up the pieces and do it one more time
Time, time flies i’m in the oldies yo don’t want my kids calling me 44 when i’m 44
I need to pass on the baton cant be holding on
Leave the stage while they all applaud ya of course
Its, never been about the accolades or the bank i make
Its about the minds i change
In the books of history i wana write a page
I’m done with this phase, i need to pass this flame yeah

Mag44 man
I’m happy we in a different space right now and we can tell the stories to our kids

Aaaaah aaah aah
It was written in the stars
Like the beat within your heart
Just let it go

Aaaaah aaah aah
When you’re flipping through the pages
Can you read between the lines
Of…. My diary

(Abel Chungu)
Age 24 became the year I lost my daddy
And so began the fight of me against anxiety
I guess it was the pain holding his dead body.
Lookin at his pictures to erase that ugly memory.
Cause ugly definitely wasn’t papas legacy.
He was a freedom fighter. So that fighter blood now runs in me.
And i don’t bow to nobody unless they bore a cross for me.
Accepted by a savoir yet rejected by some ministries

At 26 my job gone tell me they don’t need me.
It was a sting cause then it felt like God don’t need me.
Was lifting boxes just so I could feed my baby.
Felt so much rejection knew acceptance wasnt for me.

Have no regrets.
Cause now my Grace is in my family.
I get to raise these boys and now these boys is raising me.
It happens every time they always speaking life in me.
Proverbs 18:21 enjoy the fruits of planted seeds.
And now it’s my turn. To become what papa was to me. A pillar and a mentor and a guide to Godly destiny.
And if I ever go they should what know what God once said.
Every good in earthly Dad was dripping from the Heavenly

So refreshing
I don’t go by the rule book, I lead from my heart, not my head
You have the power to change the narrative and always remember, that you are absolutely unique
Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but the seeds you plant


I’m Mr Kill a beat and if not I’ll Leave it in the ICU/
Lost so many people left my heart cold n Icey too/
count your blessings,well I wake up and I see two/
They ask me who put me on well I say Q/
Made the call to 428 link ER/
Made sure I ate every beat and left a vivid scar/
even though I never thought I would make it this far/
what was a blank space turned to a shooting star/
Mag gave me a shot at Brave Only/been through hell for the dream still got these battle scars on me/I guess the page turned and it wasn’t really for me/and till this day I salute the big hommie/
Momma in my ear worried bout my career/
Scared cause it’s high chances that I wouldn’t make it here/went to college,made it there and made it here/dropped BLESSER made it clear that The kid weren’t going nowhere/
2019’ was the worst year for me/
fell into depression cause I lost my best homie/
2020 didn’t have it any easy on me/
heartbroken by this girl then it dawned on me…..

That’s a wrap
I want to say big shout out to KMT for giving me and our industry an opportunity to grow
We will forever be grateful for that
Its always a blessing
Shout out to Jeff for that violin man
My Diary will continue.

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