Slap Dee Withdraws from AFFRIMA Nomination

Slap Dee Writes on his Facebook page:

Greetings all,The last two days have been heavy with debates over my AFFRIMA nomination. This has somehow dragged to the people I love and care for because what started as an honest debate has turned into total turmoil. Contrary to circulating rumor, I have never said “fans don’t put food on my table..” I know better than that. I was built by a loyal fan base.I get it, I took my influence for granted and made a selfish decision. I let down the very people I should have fought for and stood by. For that I am HONESTLY SORRY. I write this not to win sympathy over the on going nomination but purely for a smooth and peaceful life with those I may have hurt. Indeed mistakes were made and lessons have been learnt.As a sign of remorse, I have asked management to withdraw my AFRIMMA nomination with immediate effect because what’s winning a trophy when you can’t win the hearts of your own people?Again I say, I’m sorry for all the damage I may have caused to any of you.🙏🏾Peace, love and light,Shi Nandi.

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