Information for Artists and Beat Makers

As you may be aware that our mission is to see you benefit from your digital contents. The music industry has been downplayed too much in Africa and we have come up with a solution that will help you benefit from your digital contents. Lwitoplay Media`s platform is sub divided into two (2) parts which are the following;

Music Store (Shop)

The Music store also comes with its own package that allows artists and beat makers get revenue from there digital contents.

Music/Beats in the store are submitted for free as the platform works on split shares mechanism. Contact us for more or read more on shares splitting in the artist agreement form.

Regular Platform

This section comes with its own share. The regular platform contends free contents which do not generate any revenue but are for the purpose of promoting the label, Brand, artist and musicians.

The regular platform attracts a fee in order for you to have your music to be uploaded. Contact us or see catalogue/services.

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