How to upload

Step 1. Buy your Pro Plan (you can pay with visa card or MTN/Zamtel Mobile Money);

Step 2. When payment is through, you will need to head back to upload button;

Step 3. On the upload form you will fill in the sections as follows;

  • Poster (Artwork)
  • Title (the name of the song and feature, do not put the artist name in this section);
  • Content (tell your fans about the song)
  • Stream (This is where you put your song in mp3 format, then tap on the arrow facing up) wait for it to load. Please note that when using a PC you will not see the upload progress but instead the link will just appear in the streaming section after a few seconds depending on your network.
  • Duration (leave it blank for now)
  • Release Date (in this section you can put the date when you want your song to be released) ignore it if you are releasing your song immediately.
  • Genre (choose your genre)
  • Tags (VERY IMPORTANT: put the name of the ‘Artist’ (MUST) here). You can also put anything related to your song (Optional).
  • Artist (Put the name of the artist only) NO feature in this section.
  • Downloadable (tab in the box if you want to give your fans free download/ignore it if you want it to be in streaming mode only).
  • Public or Private? (Choose public if you want people to see your music/Choose private if you want the song to be seen by you only)
  • After you are done, tap ‘UPLOAD’ button and wait until you are taken to your profile.

Are you having any challenges or you have questions? please email:

Easy pay… Easy upload.
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